Why This Optometrist Is Considered As The Best Newmarket Optometrists?

Are you looking for the best Newmarket optometrists? John O’Connor Optometrists should be your first choice. Some of the services offered include:

Eye Exams – They have vision specialists. If you have any eye problems, visit these optometrists for the best services.

Eyewear – You can find the best eyewear with these Newmarket optometrists. Whether you need prescription glasses, sunglasses, designer frames or simple eyeglasses, they have it all for you.

Contact Lenses – If you don’t love wearing eye glasses, contact lenses can also work for you. They offer some of the famous brands of contact lenses for any client.

John O’Connor Optometrists have become the best Newmarket optometrists for many reasons. Here is why you should choose them for all your optometrist needs in Newmarket.

1. Family Owned

It is a New Zealand company that is family owned and operated since 1978. Therefore, you can always count on a personalized service for all your eyewear needs. They are ready to serve you and welcome you to the company for the best eyewear services.

2. Strong Reputation

Over the decades that they have been in business, they have built a strong reputation in the community. That’s because they offer quality products and a very friendly service to all the clients. Whether you need eye exams, eye wear or contact lenses, you can always count on the best Newmarket optometrists for your needs.

3. Quality Products

There is a reason why all the clients keep coming back. That’s because these optometrists only offer high quality products. For instance, they are known to offer high quality and reputable HOYA lenses. To avoid any delays with receiving your eyewear, the lenses are sourced from the local HOYA laboratory from Mt. Eden.

4. Affordable Products

Certainly, you shouldn’t be breaking the bank when choosing your eyewear. That’s why the company is proud to offer the cheapest eyewear options for your needs. For instance, you can pay $65 to get a comprehensive and affordable eye exam with these amazing optometrists.

5. Comprehensive Eye Exams

John O’Connor Optometrists are interested in offering the best eye exams for all the patients. The eye checks include a full eye health check and prescription update. Therefore, they can diagnose anything like glaucoma, age related macular degeneration and cataracts. Once they detect something, rest assured that you will be getting the best treatment from the best optometrists in Newmarket.

6. Knowledgeable

If there is a new technology introduced into the industry, these optometrists are aware of it. Therefore, you can always count on their knowledge of all the products in the industry to provide the best eye health and treatment for your needs.

7. Family Services

Whether you need the services for yourself or for your children, you can count on the best services with these optometrists. They can find the best eye wear to meet your individual style and fashion needs. They will take their time to find the best frames for you.

In conclusion, with John O’Connor Optometrists, your eye health has never been better.